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Caris Hermes (30) is a multi-award winning jazz bassist from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Cologne. With the support of her mentor John Goldsby (WDR Big Band), as well as best connections in the German jazz scene, Caris enjoys a versatile career as a performing artist and composer.
In 2018, her EP Human was released, showing a new facet as a quartet bandleader. In 2022, she is scheduled to release her debut album. Caris' ability to transform complex musical visions of changing bandleaders makes her the preferred choice of her category in Germany.
As a sidewoman, 150 national and international shows per year currently fill her live portfolio.
Highlights include Paul Heller's Next Level Jazz concert series, the Two Generations Quartet around Paul Heller and Martin Sasse, gigs with Hans Dekker as well as large ensembles such as the WDR Big Band, Glenn Miller Orchestra® and the Landesjugendjazzorchester NRW.
With engagements on leading jazz platforms (Moers Festival, Jazz Ralley Düsseldorf, Viersen Jazzfestival) and award-winning showcases, Caris' collaborations are rousing performances for thousands of jazz fans.
Since 2011, Caris has produced ten studio albums with her projects of emerging jazz musicians and established jazz greats (including Unit Records, fattoria musica).
Caris' unique straight ahead style and live presence is becoming a distinctive part of a modern jazz backline.


Credit: Karl F. Degenhardt

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Caris Hermes Group (live @ Cologne Jazzweek 2022, King Georg)